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From:Shenyang Youbang Amusement Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Author:AdminDate:2020-01-14 16:54:20

abstract: Large recreational facilities, safety and insurance measures, recreational facil...
Large recreational facilities, safety and insurance measures, recreational facilities in the air passenger part, the overall structure should be solid and reliable, and its important parts should take insurance measures. Hanging by one part of wire rope or chain with the number of not less than two. In connection with the seat part, must be considered a disconnect to keep balance. From the door of the closed cabin above the ground 1m, the two locking device or a locking device which can not be opened by the passenger can be opened. Non closed cockpit obstruction at inlet and outlet, the locking device should also be insured. When the recreation facilities are in operation, the power of the power supply is suddenly cut off or the equipment is in trouble, and the safety of the passengers is endangered, and the emergency stop device with automatic or manual operation is required. Recreation facilities in the operation after the failure, should be the measures to ease the people. By human safety restraint device, when the recreational facilities run, the person is likely to be moving in the object, or will be thrown out of the collision, when sliding out, must be equipped with a person restraint device. On the danger of large recreational facilities, when necessary, should consider to set up two sets of independent binding device. Can use the safety belt, safety pressure bar, block, etc.. Restraint device: it should be reliable, comfortable, and the person directly in contact with the parts have the appropriate flexibility. Binding device design should be able to prevent a person from being caught in a part of the injury or the pressure, it should be easy to adjust, easy to operate. Safety belt: can be used alone for a slight swing or slow down the speed, no flip is not thrown out of the dangerous facilities, the use of a safety belt should generally be equipped with auxiliary handle. The safety belt can be used as an auxiliary restraint device for the intense sports facilities. Safety pressure bar: recreational facilities operation may be caused by the people was thrown out of the danger must be set when a corresponding type safety pressure bar; safety pressure bar itself must have sufficient strength and locking force to ensure visitors not to be left out or drop, and equipment to stop running before is always locked. Security requirements on the safety fence, the site, the safety fence should be set up, exit, at the entrance should be set to guide the fence. Platform should be non slip measures. The opening direction of the safety fence shall be in line with the direction of the passenger (except for special cases). In order to prevent the door from closing the hand injury, the gap between the door frame and the column should be appropriate, or to take other protective measures. Running up and down by people rides by one part of the import and export should not be higher than 300 mm platform. Other recreational facilities in the human part of the import and export from the height of the platform, should be easy to up and down.