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Seat belt knowledge

From:Shenyang Youbang Amusement Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Author:AdminDate:2020-01-14 16:59:58

abstract: Large rides: seat belts are usually used alone for easy tipping or slow driving,...
Large rides: seat belts are usually used alone for easy tipping or slow driving, and are not thrown away, as is often the case with controlled flyingMachine, horse turn, elevated tour bus and so on. Most of these devices are known to be available to children. Passengers take the bus, but when the children take the bus, they are not aware of the danger. Many behaviors are uncontrollable. For example, when flying in a controlled aircraft, the child may open the seat belt by himself during the operation, although the operator may fasten the seat belt for the child. Lock or unconsciously touch the lock and open it. It's easy to throw away because of centrifugal force. Although operators can strengthen on-site management to alert visitors to avoid such risks, in the event of numbness, the equipment design therefore recommends that child seats be manufactured, that seat belt buckles should not be opened by children, and that the risk is avoided through the reliability of the seat belt body rather than through management. The design unit must also incorporate the motion characteristics of the device in the design process. Seat belts not only limit the unsafe behavior of tourists, but also restrict them to a certain safe space.Under the condition of variable acceleration, it will not cause the body or the surrounding area. The object collided and the person was injured. Therefore, the knot form of the seat belt must also be considered.When using a seat belt as an auxiliary restraint, its reliability must be considered in terms of its independent function. It must also be considered that the lock cannot be easily opened and that visitors can be fully restrained in the seat.At present, according to the different installation method and fixed point, the safety belt can be divided into three kinds. According to the different binding positions of passengers, the two-point, three-point and all-in-one rear seat belts can be divided into seat belts and shoulder belts, while the seat belts only limit the waist movement of passengers, while the shoulder straps only limit the upper body movement of passengers. The disadvantage of seat belts is that the impact of the device or the speed of the abdomen during operation makes the abdomen firm and the upper body prone to lean forward, greatly increasing the likelihood of head injuries. The straps are tilted to the chest to prevent the upper body from leaning forward. However, if the device is hit, rolled over, or changed in speed, the lower back and hips can easily slip out, and the knee has a lot of room to move and can be damaged easily. Tilt riding cannot be used with shoulder-mounted seat belts, which cannot work vertically when a person is standing on his or her head. Three-point seat belts play an important role in amusement facilities and must be widely promoted. It is a combination of a belt and shoulder strap that limits forward movement and excessive upper body tilt. The rear full seat belt is a symmetrical shoulder strap that provides the highest protection efficiency but is not easy for the operator to operate. It is usually used for dangerous rides.This article is from the Internet, if you have any questions, please contact us!