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Amusement equipment manufacturers give you an inventory of c...

From:Shenyang Youbang Amusement Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Author:AdminDate:2020-01-14 16:57:20

abstract: Amusement equipment manufacturers give you an inventory of common reasons for fa...
Amusement equipment manufacturers give you an inventory of common reasons for failureIn many places we can see the shadow of amusement equipment: amusement parks, plazas, temple fairs, large shopping malls and so on. In the final analysis, large amusement equipment is mechanical equipment even if the quality is good, but also because of a variety of reasons for failure, today's amusement equipment company to give you an inventory of common reasons for failure!First, the problem of the amusement equipment itselfThere are many species of large amusement equipment, such as common new control plane, luxury carousel, but as people's demand is still growing, amusement equipment manufacturers also gradually many, the amusement industry manufacturers the good and bad are intermingled, different quality has different product material, lead to problems in the amusement equipment itself exists, this time will reflect the importance of the old brand amusement equipment manufacturers!Ii. Improper operation and untimely maintenance by staffIt is known to all that most of the amusement equipment is contracted by the private, only a few of the amusement equipment belongs to the unit, such as scenic spot sightseeing small fireThe repair and maintenance of vehicles and amusement equipment are not professional personnel, and they do not have a thorough understanding of the operation principle of amusement equipment. Accidents are caused by momentary negligence. What is terrible is that some staff members are not responsible and have not passed strict safety inspection before the operation of the equipment, such as:(1). Notice for passengers is placed around the amusement equipment, and passengers are not reminded of safety precautions before the amusement equipment is started.(2). The sudden activation of the device did not prepare the passengers.(3). Amusement equipment small problems do not care, not timely maintenance and maintenance, in order to make money as usual business.Third, the tourists themselves1. Don't read safety precautions carefully before taking the equipment.2. The excitement of riding on amusement equipment leads to safety violations3. Not listening to the staff on the ride4. Do not take safety measures when riding the amusement equipment, deliberately expose the body parts (hands, feet, head), such as: when riding the luxury turnhorse hand out, when riding the pirate ship without wearing a seat belt, deliberately stand up and so on!5. Tourists stomp or kick the amusement equipment when riding the amusement equipment, which leads to the fault of the amusement equipment.This article is from the Internet, if you have any questions, please contact us!